Our Story

Our Beginnings

THE KOMPANY was formed in 2017 by Eric Tang. An incoming student to the University of Washington, Eric wanted to be involved in a K-pop organization or group on campus. UW did not have a full K-pop dance cover group, so he decided to start one. In a UW Student Facebook group, he posted a message asking if anyone was interested in forming a K-pop dance cover group. Luckily, there were many people who showed interest in joining! Eric worked alongside many K-pop loving individuals to produce dance cover videos, lead dance workshops, and create unique choreography. As interest and involvement grew, THE KOMPANY became an official RSO at UW with Eric leading the organization as the Coordinator. In 2020, Eric stepped down as Coordinator and passed on the leadership to a new generation as THE KOMPANY entered its fourth year. Now, the organization elects a new board of officers each Spring and gathers dancers and creatives each Autumn.

Our Timeline

At the beginning of each academic year, THE KOMPANY undergoes a transformation as new members join and we restructure the organization in order to chase a new future. Each year, a gemstone is chosen to represent our wishes, goals, and intentions for the year ahead.

Pearl Era (2017-2018)

Unique even from its milky, white color, the Pearl is the only gemstone that is derived from a living creature. As our first year as a dance company, the Pearl Era symbolized our beginning as a group of individuals coming from all different backgrounds and parts of the world.

Ruby Era (2018-2019)

Known by some as the stone of courage, the Ruby is a gemstone that embodies energy, passion and power. In our second year as a dance company, Ruby Era symbolized our youth and burning desire to continue growing.

Emerald Era (2019-2020)

Symbolizing hope and the future, the Emerald is a gemstone that promotes meaning, compassion, and harmony. After an especially eventful year, we aimed to renew and regrow ourselves as a dance company and family. Emerald Era was intended as a year of good luck and rebirth.

Amethyst Era (2020-2021)

Amethyst symbolizes healing and protection as well as promoting creativity. In uncertain times, we aimed to fulfill our creative dreams while staying safe. Amethyst Era represented our continuous journey of growth and integrity despite hardship.

Diamond Era (2021-2022)

Diamond: the gemstone that represents resilience and protection while radiating light and brilliance. We aim to seek clarity through all of the pressures of the previous year. Diamond Era will represent bringing joy and happiness to others while creating new avenues and opportunities.

Obsidian Era (2022-2023)

Obsidian glass encourages us to explore the unknown, be true to ourselves, and stay connected to our roots. As we find a steady ground, we want to grow bigger, better, and—most importantly—closer. Obsidian Era will represent our courage, creativity, and community as we work to expand our reach and improve in everything we do.