About Us


THE KOMPANY was formed back in 2017 by our current senior advisor, Eric Tang. He was an incoming UW student from New York who wanted to be involved in a K-pop organization or group on campus. He knew that UW did not have a full K-pop dance cover group, so he decided to start one. In the Facebook group for the graduating class of 2021, he posted a message asking if anyone was interested in forming a K-pop dance cover group for UW. Luckily, there were many people who showed interest in joining! Eric worked alongside many K-pop loving individuals to produce dance cover videos, lead dance workshops, and create unique choreography. With everybody's help, THE KOMPANY slowly became an RSO here at UW with Eric leading the organization as the Coordinator. There were many obstacles that THE KOMPANY faced along the way, but as a team they were able to work through them and become the K-pop dance cover group many people know today!

Meet The Officers

Yvonne Hao

Co-Director / Dance Captain

IG: @yvonnehao11

Jason Nguyen


IG: @jnguyen830

Dylan Hartono


IG: @dylan.hartono

XueRou Xu


IG: @kawaii_someday

Elsa Zhong

Internal Relations Chair

IG: @elsazhongg

Alicia Chen

Member Relations Chair

IG: @anchovychen

Hannah Cheung

External Relations Chair

IG: @hannahfcheung

Samuel Shi

Social Media Director

IG: @itsmesammyshi

Carly Crooks

Dance Captain

IG: @carly.crooks

Deborah Kim

Dance Captain

IG: @depurple.kim

Steven Marzan

Dance Captain

IG: @stevenshanm

Jenny Chen

Dance Captain

IG: @cys_jenny

Cindy Luu

Kreative Team Head / Video Director

IG: @cxhluu

Karina Mendoza

Video Director

IG: @karina_xmendoza

Hannah Oh

Lead Video Editor

IG: @hannahoh425

Valeria Mora

Graphic Designer

IG: @v.almx

Vivien Zhang

Graphic Designer

IG: @viv_z01

Eric Tang

Senior Advisor

IG: @etangerine

Sylina Lam

Kreative Team Advisor

IG: @sylina.lam